Alpha Olefin Sulfonates AOS

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Olefine Sulfonate based on thin film continuous sulfonation of high purity C14 oelfin, neutralized with sodium ion.

AOS is an effective emulsifier and has excellent foaming characteristics. Its resistance to water hardness and other metallic ions is very good, and it is stable over a wide pH range. It is superior to conventional detergent actives with regard to bio-degradability, mildness to skin, cold-water solubility, rinsability, flash foaming, and detergency in hard water. 

AOS is compatible with other surfactants like linear alkyl benzene sulphonate (LABS) and SLS, including soap. AOS helps to overcome the sting caused by conventional detergent actives. A combination of LABS and AOS in certain proportions can yield synergistic detergent action, which can result in improved performance of a given total active or reduced cost for a given performance.


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