Aquasol Corrosion Inhibitor Rx

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Aquasol Corrosion Inhibitor Rx protect  components from corrosion during transport and storage . This environmentally-friendly product is a substitute for sodium nitrite-based alternatives. Aquasol corrosion inhibitor is added to rinse water for either spray or immersion rinse during cleaning, and provides long term protection against moisture and humidity for ferrous components. Protection may last up to six months, depending on storage conditions, and post-treatment processes such as brazing, bonding, and painting are not affected. The molecular layer of Aquasol Corrosion Inhibitor Rx  protection is invisible and non-tacky, and does not affect adhesion. Aquasol Corrosion Inhibitor contains no nitrites or phosphates. It is non-combustible, non-hazardous to the environment, and non bio-accumulating.


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