BIOCIDE Fuel Additive

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RXSOL ANTIFOULANT LIQUID has been developed for the control of fouling by shellfish, micro-organisms and fungal growth in FUEL systems. Its use will discourage the setting of the free-swimming larval form of the molluc. Because of its molecular film-forming properties RX ANTIFOULANT LIQUID will discourage corrosion of metal in the FUEL system.

This products is highly beneficial to prevent growth of ORGANISM like bacteria / fungi in STORAGE TANK of PETROLEUM PRODUCTS.

Now a days ULSD fuel is covering maximum fuel demand for Automobile industries, On other hand Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel has more problems with microbial contamination than previous higher sulfur fuels. Since ULSD can no longer carry water dissolved in solution, more water is shedding to the bottom of fuel tanks, creating a life-support system and breeding ground for microbes. Parrafin content has increased as sulfur and aromatics decrease, providing a major food source to microbes. Additionally, sulfur is a natural poison to bacteria and fungus and its reduction has further exacerbated microbial contamination problems in ULSD.


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