BOILPLEX AT Hardness Control

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Boilplex AT is basically phosphates combination with synthetic polymers.  Very easy to use, provides flexibility in system operation and control over the operation of the auxiliary and exhaust gas heaters on the boats.  The tool is designed to maintain the cleanliness of the boiler at unstable as feedwater.

Boilplex AT control sludge and sediment deposition by adsorption on sludge boiler surfaces;  particles are soft, do not stick together, smoothly removed by purging.  Boilplex AT contained component, iron oxide passivation and not giving cheance to spread throughout system. In addition to controlling the alkali content, scale and sediment, Boilplex AT protects the condensate system (Steam superheater) from corrosion caused by low pH.  In conjunction with Boilplex AT provides the most modern, safe and effective program to protect the boilers on ships.


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