Combotreat New Formulla 20 kg

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RXSOL-50-5004-020  is a well-balanced blend of several powder with antifoaming agent for boiler water treatment, resulting in a scale and corrosion control by one simple operation. It is applied to types of boiler water systems, providing excess protection from the hard, sludge concentration and corrosion.

Function Mechanism: –

Alkalinity Control This components of  RXSOL-50-5004-020  chemically  precipitate  the hardness of salts like Calcium & Magnesium & neutralizes the acidic conditions.
Hardness Control RXSOL-50-5004-020 provides phosphate reserve  to effectively  react with  and precipitate the hardness salts introduces with the feed water.
Sludge Conditioner RXSOL-50-5004-020 component  will preventing the sludge from  adhering to metals surfaces. Boiler sludge can only be removed by blow down.
Oxygen Scavangers Catalyzed  of  RXSOL-50-5004-020    controls  the formation of  oxygen to protects boiler & steam line corrosion protection. As an  additional benefits it will assist to neutralize dissolved carbon dioxide. In this way  RXSOL-50-5004-020  preventing oxygen “Pitting” corrosion.


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