Resine Mixed Bed 50 Ltr

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Sku: RXSOL-32-3101-050

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Mixed Bed resins, a mixture of cation and anions are used as polishers to obtain low conductivity water. Typically, low conductivity water is required for bolier feed for high pressure boilers, electronics, electrical discharge cutting machines and pharmaceutical applications.

Mixed Bed can also be used as a primary deionisation unit when the inlet salt is low. Mixed Beds also find applications in process industry where demineralization of pH sensitive products is to be carried out.

Mixed Bed Resins can be supplied in highly regenerated, premixed conditions for use in dye applications or they are also available as highly regenerated cations and anions for use in regeneratable mixed bed units. Premixed Resin is available in different proportions and combinations of cations and anions to suit the end of users needs.

NOTE: Mixed Beds are generally used in applications where water of very low conductivity is desired.


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