Oxygen Scavanger PWD 25 Kg

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This is most common oxygen scavengers used to effectively remove dissolved  OXYGEN from your feedwater. Other grades of 5006  has its own advantages depending on your system and personal preferences ) By the presence of dissolved oxygen in water system , corrosion and pitting caused on metal surface. RXSOL 5006 is a specially formulated and  powdered materials.  which, when added to boiler feedwater, removes dissolved oxygen , By acting as an oxygen scavenger.

Benefits:- By Control of corrosive oxygen from boiler water which causes corrosion and pitting ,It  improves boiler system long life and  reliability .

In boiler feedwater conditioning RXSOL-40-5023-210 is fed to a boiler to remove dissolved oxygen and thus prevent pitting. For the reaction between RXSOL-40-5023-210 and oxygen to proceed rapidly and completely, it is necessary to maintain an excess sulfite concentration at an elevated temperature. 


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